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Florida Accident Claim Settlements


How Do Florida Motor Vehicle Accident Settlements Work?

When there is an accident settlement involved and the injured party agrees to the settlement, once that agreement is signed, the injured party is essentially agreeing to no further future claims. The latter is why it is so important that those involved in an accident involving injuries speak with a professional personal injury attorney so as to not accept a settlement too early.  Insurance companies are popular for trying to settle out-of-court and quickly.  This allows them to lowball you.  Once you receive that settlement, should you have ongoing surgeries, pain, and suffering or job loss, there is nothing that can be done on your behalf legally.  You give up that right once you settle.

Deceptive Practices By Insurance Companies

The law is supposed to protect victims of accident injuries from predatory insurance carriers that may use deceptive practices in order to get you to settle your claim. In some cases, insurance carriers may try to use ways around these laws in order to encourage you to settle by not investigating the claim thoroughly and failing to pay personal injury protection among other tactics.  The bottom line is that insurance carriers are looking out for their own best interest, so how can they possibly ensure that any settlement offered to you outside of counsel or court is in your best interest? The short answer is that they can’t.

What Kind Of Settlement Can I Expect?

Every accident and injury is unique to the individual victim.  You may have heard that so-and-do got one amount for their accident and assume that you will get the same type of settlement, however, that is not the case.  Your circumstances and those surrounding your accident injury and claim will be different so the calculations used to settle your claim will be based on a variety of factors like:

  • How extensive your injuries are
  • What your injuries are
  • What your medical costs are in relation to what reasonable costs are for those injuries
  • Whether you experienced any loss of employment and wages
  • Whether, as a result of your injuries you will lose future employment
  • What your own contribution, if any, was to the accident
  • What kind of insurance both parties have
  • What evidence supports your claim
  • The strength of your personal injury lawyer ability to argue your claim

Statute Of Limitations

It is important to take note of the deadlines involved in filing your claim.  Generally, in the state of Florida, you have up to 4 years from the time of the accident to file a claim.  Delaying the filing of your claim may also contribute to the argument of the strength of your case. What took you so long to file? Is it possible you weren’t that injured after all? These are not questions you want to answer three and four years later, filing as soon as possible is the best-case scenario.

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