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How Long Does It Take to Get a Settlement Check from a Car Accident in Altamonte Springs, FL?


The time required to receive a settlement from your car accident in Altamonte Springs, Florida, depends on numerous factors such as the severity of your injuries and the other significant details of your case. Factors that matter for your case include details such as:

• How many drivers were involved in your car accident?
• Do all parties agree on the events that occurred before, during, and after the accident?
• How extensive were your injuries?
• Was there any property damage?
•  How strong is your case

David A. May, PA, is a skilled personal injury lawyer with experience handling car crash settlement cases. Contact Mr. May at 407-647-0008 to schedule a confidential, free consultation. You want an experienced auto accident lawyer like David A. May when you need representation.

Anyone who has suffered the trauma of a car accident wants to settle their case and get on with living their lives as quickly as possible when medical bills and automobile repair or replacement costs start adding up. Facing a financial burden in the wake of an accident is additional, unnecessary pain and suffering you don’t need.

You also don’t want to feel desperate and accept the first low-ball settlement offered by an insurance company. Attorney David A. May works diligently to ensure his clients receive the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. No one should accept an insurance settlement that doesn’t fully cover their losses—present and future.

You want a car accident lawyer who pursues a fair settlement for your injuries, who follows up and keeps you informed about the details of your case. Call the law office of David A. May at 407-647-0008 to schedule a confidential, free consultation to discuss your auto accident injuries.

The Florida Statue of Limitations And Injury Your Claim

Generally, the statute of limitations in Florida allows four years from the date of your accident to pursue a negligent case for damages. Persons involved in automobile accidents may not realize the full extent of their injuries at the time of the crash. Insurance companies know you have this option and will attempt to settle as quickly as possible.

Attempts to claim additional damages from an insurance company after the statute of limitations has elapsed will likely be denied since you no longer have legal recourse to pursue them. If filing suit against a Florida State or local government, specific rules come into play – including a shorter filing period.

To avoid a situation where you are unable to pay your medical bills and your automotive repair or replacement costs, you might want to contact a lawyer experienced with vehicle wreck cases.

Attorney David A. May can advise you of your options when managing injuries and damages following a car wreck. Contact the law office of Mr. May at 407-647-0008 to discuss your case. Take the first step today — don’t hesitate to learn more about your options during this crucial time.


Florida No-Fault Car Insurance and Additional Compensation

Florida’s no-fault insurance law requires that car accident victims seek damages for their injuries, losses, and out-of-pocket expenses from their insurance policy’s “personal injury protection” regardless of who was at fault in the accident. Additional medical and lost wage claims against the liable driver’s insurance are possible if you can show their negligence, you are also entitled to your pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life if you can show:

• Fatal injuries
• Injuries that result in permanent impairment
• Impairment to an essential part of the body
• Disfigurement or scarring
• Permanent aggravation of pre existing condition

To pursue damages from the other driver’s insurance company beyond your PIP coverage, you must prove the other driver:

• Breached their duty to drive cautiously

• The subsequent collision resulted in your permanent, life-changing injuries

Pursuing a personal injury claim and proving the severe consequences from the other driver’s actions requires a skilled lawyer who knows how to manage cases like yours. David A. May is an attorney with the experience you need when pursuing a car wreck injury claim.

Florida’s Comparative Negligence Rule

Florida law observes a “comparative negligence” rule, which could potentially reduce your compensation for damages due to your share of fault in the accident. In other words, if your share of responsibility for the accident is 25 percent, your compensation  might be reduced by 25 percent.

A Florida judge or jury is obliged to consider comparative negligence in their ruling on an injury claim. An attorney familiar with auto accident claims like David A. May will review the accident report, interview witnesses, and work on your behalf to ensure that questions of comparative negligence get the full scrutiny they deserve. Your right to compensation for your injuries deserves rigorous, active pursuit.

Call the law office of David A. May at 407-647-0008 to discuss your case and review the facts with a local lawyer who knows car accident cases. He can work to ensure that the facts in your case are fully understood and your claim is aggressively pursued.


What Damages Are You Entitled to Collect Following a Car Accident?

Depending on the extent of your auto accident-related injuries, personal injury protection insurance may not cover all your critical care and ongoing expenses. Your current and future income is also at stake. Claims beyond your PIP coverage may include costs such as:

• Treatment not covered by PIP insurance

• Ongoing care

• In-home healthcare expenses

• Prescription drug costs

• Lost wages not covered by PIP

• Vehicle repairs or replacement costs

•  Mobility equipment

• Out-of-pocket expenses not covered by PIP insurance

• Your pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life

What Happens After You Win Your Case?

If your settlement is agreed upon, several steps have to occur:

Signing a Release:

First, you’ll need to sign a release form stating you won’t pursue further damages as a result of the accident—the matter is settled. The responsible party may also have to sign a release. If so, this could delay the settlement.

The Funds Enter Escrow:

Once your release is processed, the settlement is sent to escrow for any liens or debt related to the accident in addition to legal fees to be paid.

You Receive the Funds:

With all liens, debts, and fees paid, the funds will be released to you. Typically, assuming everything goes smoothly, you’ll get your settlement within three weeks of acceptance.

Contact David A. May Today

Attorney David A. May will thoroughly investigate your Altamonte Springs traffic accident. He will calculate your total losses from medical bills, auto damage, as well as the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. Don’t allow the immediate and ongoing treatment and recovery expenses from your automobile accident to overwhelm you and your family.

Please call the law office of David A. May today at 407-647-0008 to schedule an appointment. Let’s discuss the details of your automobile accident and the extent of your injuries and determine how best to pursue damages in your case.

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