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I was involved in a auto accident September 2014. At that time, I did not think very much of the accident. I figured it was no big deal and that I would recover after a few visits to the Chiropractor, Massage Therapist etc. However my Provider at that time persuaded me to seek legal services, just in case. I reluctantly agreed, I figure I had nothing to lose. I retained Mr May as my attorney and thus began a working relationship with said attorney and his Legal Assistant Valerie Root. As time progressed, I noticed that I was developing neck pain, headaches, constant muscle spasms in my neck. I thought to myself this may just be psychosomatic. However a series of MRI of the cervical spine showed progressive herniation of the disk between C5-C6. I really was injured in this accident that I thought was no big deal. And was I glad I had retained Mr May as my attorney. Mr May delivered a “custom tailored” approach to working my case. In the end, I was fully compensated for my injuries. To this end, I recommend this wonderful team without any reservations whatsoever. Mr May and Valerie, thank you so much for ALL your assistance in winning this case on my behalf. Thank you for making yourself accessible via telephone and email – thank you for addressing all my concerns while working my case. Best wishes to you always. Farewell, it was REALLY nice working with you.

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