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Liability (or responsibility) means who was at fault for your accident. Sometimes a statute may control who is at fault such as in a dog bite case. Other times liability may be determined based on prior court rulings in similar situations.
This is insurance which is required by Florida law that will pay 80% of your medical bills (for injuries reported within 14 days of the accident) and 60% of your lost wages in a motor vehicle accident regardless of who is at fault.
Under Florida law, if you prove liability, you may be entitled to past and future medical bills, past and future wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life. In wrongful death cases there are other damages for which you may be entitled.
A lawyer estimates that value of your case based on liability and damages. It is his experience in similar cases and what juries have awarded in your area in similar cases which he uses to estimate the value. However, each juror brings different experiences with them to court and therefore nobody can ever say for sure what the value of the case is until a jury renders their verdict.
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