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Lake Mary Product Liability Lawyer

When you, the consumer, buy a product from a retailer you have rights should the product injure your or cause an accident that ends in injuries. The manufacturer has a legal obligation of liability as soon as their product hits the shelf. Although injuries from a defective product vary, some times the injuries can be serious, life threatening or even fatal. With the proper proof and an experience defective product lawyer in your corner, you can fight to get the compensation you deserve.

From appliances and automobiles to medical devices and implants, there is a long list of products that come with heavy responsibility on the part of the manufacturer to ensure they are safe for the public. Don’t be taken in by an insurance company delegate or company representative who tries to convince you that it was something you did. Their only job is to protect the company who made the product not to look out for your best interest. Having a Florida product liability attorney like David May in your corner gives you the ability to hold a company accountable for the injuries inflicted by an unsafe product.

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Product Liability

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